Urban Mining in San Marcos, TX

September 2018

Urban Mining in San Marcos, TX is a fully integrated facility producing and manufacturing magnets. The plant consists of four 2000kVA Utility Transformers powering 4 independent switchboards via Transfer Switches. The emergency side of the Transfer Switches are connected to a Standby Generator Switchboard capable of powering the plant via the standby generator switchboard. MTX working in conjunction with Hill Country Electric in San Antonio was able to supply the following to MEG of the Austin Office which is the main GC for the plant.

  • An initial Short Circuit Evaluation for the entire plant with a maximum short circuit estimated from the full load amps of the system for each Switchboard.

  • Based on the selected protection equipment selected in the switchboards a full protective device coordination was provided, coordinating with Standby Generator Switchboard as well.

  • A power factor study was completed for each switchboard with the given 2000 kVA Transformer and the appropriate capacitor banks were calculated in order to achieve a 0.98 Power Factor for all operations, meeting the Utility Power Company Power Factor Requirements.

Alamo Heights Independent School District in San Antonio, TX

October 2018

Supported Rexel in San Antonio with an electrical short circuit evaluation for a new switchgear, protective device coordination, arc flash analysis and arc flash labels for the school.

Pedernales Electric Cooperative NWOC

October 2018

Supported M&S Engineering and completed an oneline for the entire system of the control room operations. Along with the oneline provided the following

  • Short Circuit Evaluation for the devices installed in the system.

  • Protective Device Coordination.

  • Arc Flash Analysis for the System.

Pedernales Electric Cooperative SCADA Phase 2

December 2018

Supported M&S Engineering in completing a full analysis for the system of the data center by evaluating the devices for short circuit rating, performed the coordination and arc flash analysis.

CDI Energy Products in Humble, TX

December 2018

Supported CDI team and the electrical contractor in completing breaker settings and selecting the correct fuses for the new switchboards being replaced in the facility. In addition, performed a short circuit evaluation, circuit breaker coordination, arc flash analysis, and labeling for the main switchboards - A and B.

Dove Crossing Pump Station in San Antonio, TX

February 2019

Supported the Graybar office of San Antonio in completing a Short Circuit Analysis, Protective Device Coordination, and Arc Flash Study.

San Antonio Water System in San Antonio, TX

February 2019

Supported Hill Country Electric and Alterman Electric in performing a site Data Collection for Bitters SWAS. In addition provided the short circuit evaluation for the new motor starters installed in the system, Set up all the Motor Relays for the pumps and provided all the settings to Alterman. In addition, completed the arcflash analysis and provided the labels for the system. In addition, completed a power factor analysis and calculated the correct power factor for the new Schneider Electric 4160V Motor Starters. The numbers were provided to Schneider Electric for Motor Starter Manufacturing.

Curtiss Wright in Pearland, TX

March 2019

MTX joined the team at the facility to complete a one-line drawing of the electrical system, perform system studies, labeling and perform system upgrades.

  • Data Collection for the entire electrical system was completed in order to develop a one-line drawing for the electrical system. After the one-line was developed and completed with appropriate names, labels for the equipment IDs were printed and affixed.

  • Provided Curtiss Wright with all NEC violations and supported Mid-West Electric to complete all the identified issues.

  • Short Circuit Evaluation, Protective Device Coordination, Arc Flash Analysis and labeling was completed for the entire system.

  • Supported Mid-West Electric to acquire and install Surge Protectors in both independent utilities powered main switchboards.

  • Identified and acquired two phase failure relays that were installed in both main breakers of each switchboard.

University of Houston Building 11 in Houston, TX

April 2019

MTX provided a full system study consisting of a short circuit evaluation, circuit breaker coordination, and arc flash analysis for the new addition. Labels were also provided and affixed to all equipment.

River Pointe Church in Missouri City, TX

April 2019

Provided Wesco Electric with a completed study for short circuit evaluation, circuit breaker coordination, and arc flash analysis as well as providing labels for the equipment.

Bay4 Energy in Mohave, AZ

October 2019

Completed Transformer Oil Testing, Infrared Inspection for the Solar Sites in Mohave AZ managed by Bay4 Energy.

Bay 4 Energy for multiple sites in Hill Country, TX

November 2019

Performed Oil Testing and Infrared Inspection for all the electrical equipment of each solar site.

Circle K Gas Station Design Approvals

November 2019

Supporting MDM Services with the review and approval process of MEP Drawing Set for Circle K Gas Stations in the State of Florida, Georgia, and Mississippi.