SIR Refinery in Abidjan Ivory Coast Desalter Upgrade


MTX supported SIR Refinery with a full desalter upgrade. Desalters are the heart of each refinery and eliminating the water from the first process phase in the process of the refinery. If the water is not properly removed this can cause extreme corrosion throughout the piping of the entire plant. MTX was able to provide SIR a fully integrated solution for multiple components of the system.

  • A new 50 kVA explosion proof Step-Up Neeltran Transformer stepping up the voltage from 385V to 15,000V for the internal desalter electrical grid was installed.

  • The secondary side of the Step-Up Neeltran Transformer entrance bushing was designed and fully integrated with the internal electrical grid in the desalter with no manel cable connecting the entrance bushing and the electrical grid. This was the advantage of this new system design - to eliminate the requirement of entering the desalter vessel in order to connect the entrance bushing and the electrical grid. In the future when an entrance bushing is required to be changed from a power loss in the plant or unexpected events, the bushing can be changed without entering the vessel.

  • Fully redesigned electrical grid with all components covering the entire horizonal cross sectional area of the vessel.

  • New Insulators provided with the new grid and entrance bushing design to isolate the grid between the grounded vessel.